Robin Lord Taylor Finally Addresses Joker Rumors


One of the more conspiracy-theory like theories surrounding Fox’s Gotham is that the show’s Penguin, played by Robin Lord Taylor, will actually turn out to be the Joker, with somebody else taking up Oswald Cobblepot’s name and becoming the Penguin.

MTV brought these rumors up to Taylor himself, to get his take on them. Unfortunately, since he’s not responsible for actually writing the show’s plot, just playing the character, he doesn’t really have much to offer except his personal opinion on how likely this theory is to come to pass.

“I find it incredibly unlikely, but at the same time, I have no idea what could happen,” Taylor said. “I get the scripts and I’ll read something, and I will be just as shocked as everyone else is when they see it happen onscreen.”

It’s worth noting that parts of the theory hinged on most of Gotham’s residents believing Cobblepot to be dead, leaving his name up for the taking. Since then, he’s returned to the scene and is known to be alive, so it’s hard to see where somebody else could become the “true” Penguin at this point.

Gotham airs Monday nights on Fox.

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    And Bullock becomes the Batman...Even when he was supposed to be dead this was a stupid theory.

  1. I have no idea why people think this.  It's bizarre.

  2. I know that the show is taking its own liberties with the source material, but bringing the Joker on this show before Bruce Wayne is even Batman would be a damnation to the entire mythos.

  3. While the joker does not become the joker until he runs in to Batman in most of the different Batman universes.

    The man he was existed. And because his real back story before Batman is so muddied no one really knows who he was before. But we know from batman that he's been at the game his whole life.

    And I could see Joker taking on the role of the penguin for a few laughs. Everything about fooling so many people to include the penguins own mother would thrill him to no end.

    Hell with such a muddied past, joker could actually be the real cobble pot.  But I think it would show how deeply committed and psychotic the joker really is if they had him pretending to be the penguin convincingly this whole time.

  4. Joker was in 1st episode. Auditioning for Mooney.  Next.

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