Constantine's Matt Ryan on Honoring the Comics, Season Two Hopes and...Shakespeare?

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    • LocalMan
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    Matt Ryan is doing a great job as John Constantine -- using snarky comments as a defense mechanism, and showing some real depth to the character.  This show has so much potential for the future, especially if it is able to bring in more of the supernatural side of DC comics.  That will be able to more easily distinguish it from other supernatural investigation/defense shows -- brining in characters like The Spectre and Boston Brand/Deadman.  The show seems to be picking up more recognition from the audience, hopefully not too late.  I'm hoping that it gets renued for a second season, even if it has to move to Syfy -- it will probably be one of the best shows on the channel.

  1. Please syfy do hellblazer

    • _L0Bo_
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    Love this show.

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