Robert Downey Jr. Teases Captain America: Civil War

uploadLet the "whose side are you on?" memes begin anew!

With Avengers: Age of Ultron so close to release that some fans and reporters have already seen it, it's time for Robert Downey, Jr. and Chris Evans to start promoting Captain America: Civil War, the next installment in the franchise in which the two are confirmed to star together.

Shooting this year, Civil War is a loose adaptation of the Marvel Comics storyline by the same name, and centers on a conflict of ideals (and later fists) between Captain America and Iron Man.

And, as you can see above (and in the tweet below), Downey is getting ready for it.

During the Civil War story in the comics, Thor was dead (he got better). Here, apparently, Chris Hemsworth is taking his duties as umpire very seriously.

The film is expected to have bunches of guest stars, not unlike Captain America: Winter Soldier. It's headed to theaters on May 6, 2016.

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    • ameritius
    • 553 Posts in 27 Months

    My guess is that continuity wise both Captain America: Civl War and Thor: Ragnarok occur at the same time, thus explaining Thor not being involved in the conflict.

  1. Or Thor dies in Age of Ultron and comes back in Ragnarok.

  2. Wormie1138 said ... (original post)

    Or Thor dies in Age of Ultron and comes back in Ragnarok.

    I hope not. Death is way too cheap in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Yeah, people die and come back all the time in the comics...but comics are monthly and the interconnected universe is vast. There will be hundreds of comics before you're back in action, and even the absence of one year is comparable to 12 appearances your character would have made otherwise (minimum). When people die and then literally pop back up in the same movie (Guardians), or at the first convenience (Avengers/AoS), it starts to get silly even if it's done well.

    • DSniner
    • 1240 Posts in 31 Months

    This is going to be a great movie.Team Captain America all the way.

    • ameritius
    • 553 Posts in 27 Months

    Wormie1138 said ... (original post)

    Or Thor dies in Age of Ultron and comes back in Ragnarok.

    Doubtfull, in the comics Thor was left out of Civil War because he had "died" during the final Ragnarok (he found out the cycle of death and rebirth was caused by a group of Gods known as "Those Who Sit Above in Shadow" and put an end to it), all the Asgardians were then reborn on Earth in human bodies unaware of the true nature until Thor, who returned to life (I forget how) wielding the Thorforce (Odinforce) restored their memories by tapping them with Mjolnir, he then brought Odin, who wasn't reborn on Earth, back from the dead.

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