Deadpool Launches 2016 El Presidente Campaign


By popular demand, Deadpool has officially announced he is exploring a run for President.

He has, however, run into a few issues, some which include: He's Canadian, he kills people, and we're all pretty sure he's insane.



That being said, he has discovered a few encouraging reasons to run for the prestigious position of Presidency. Deadpool seems to have a few characteristics which make him a candidate:

  • Taking millions from wealthy "donors" to carry out their dirty work both here and abroad.
  • Probably inhaled.
  • A community dis-organizer.
  • Not afraid of elephants or donkeys. Cats maybe.
  • You want to talk about the issues? 'Cause Deadpool has tons of them.
  • Deadpool "gets" "social" "media"

With those factors considers, Deadpool is exploring his chances with a run for President. In totally unrelated and uncoordinated news, a SuperPac - which is totally unaffiliated with Mr. Pool - has been formed. The SuperPac is called "Weapon X-ers for Progress."

Deadpool for El Presidente 2016. Does he have your vote?



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    • wheelwork
    • 2254 Posts in 26 Months

    "He's Canadian, he kills people, and we're all pretty sure he's insane." Lol! Very funny BD! Here's my vote: "X"

  1. Deadpool for PM 2019??

  2. So lets just think this out, He's Canadian, I love Canadians by the way. He somehow manages to get through America and into Mexico? LOL. Then he magically becomes a citizen of Mexico? my reasoning: Chimichangas

    • Poppykata
    • 1 Posts in 11 Months

    Well there's no problem about him being Canadian. Ted Cruz is from Canada, and at least with deadpool our nation won't go into flames

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