5 Things That Won't Appear in Wolverine 3

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    Agree DP's getting studio exec.'s to finally seriously think about 'R' rated CBM's ...WHEN APPLICABLE! This is a good thing for films based on properties & character's you mentioned in your article above which warrant an 'R' rating...nay need it. Been saying for years Wolverine needed to be 'R' . Why? When adamantium claws come in violent contact with soft flesh ...well you know what happens. Besides , how're we EVER gonna see some berserker mode out of Wolverine until he's got his 'R' permit? Not a gore fan by no means- I just want to see the character's get just representation when they hit the big screen. Sick of all this nerfin'!

  1. And don't forget big, fat, inbreeding Hulk. That was crazy too.

  2. I kind've wish they were adapting the "Death of Wolverine"story instead but I will live.

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    I wouldnt mind seeing Deadpool as the sidekick in the Old man Logan movie since Hawkeye is out of the question. Also this shit with the Hulk being replaced with the Blob needs to die. The Hulk as the nemesis is what makes the story great.

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