Power Rangers Official First Look Released

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  1. No. And I'm a HUGE original PR fan. This does not look like I'm going to enjoy it.

    • CB131896
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    I am a huge Sentai fan and this is gonna be awesome! I just wonder if the diversity they plan to include an LGBT character..... Zack??

    • afool
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    Haters are going to hate no matter what...frankly I don't care how the cast look....I want to know how the costume and zords and weapons are going to look like first and foremost....everything else is gravy on top

  2. I grew up on the original and frankly I see nothing to suggest this is going to be any worse than that, or even remotely bad.Liking what I'm hearing so far, but I need a trailer. Trailer's gonna make this or break this for me.

  3. Heck ya

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