Young Justice Fans Launch Petition To Revive Comic Series

YoungJustice Header

Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network's Young Justice was received incredibly well by fans, but after two years the show came to an end.

3 years removed from its cancellation, a new petition has surfaced that is requesting DC Entertainment to continue the story of Young Justice in a new comic series written by Christopher Jones and Greg Weisman. There have been prior petitions for a new tv series, but so far the most promising lead is a season 3 possibly being commissioned by Netflix.

The petition is currently sitting at 253 signatures out of the 1000 goal, and there seems to be some genuine interest in having this Young Justice team resume their adventures in a monthly book. There was already a Young Justice book that coincided with the show, but not sure how well that sold, as that was cancelled as well. If this is something you want to get behind, you can sign the petition here.