Superman's Red Trunks Return (Briefly) in This Week's Supergirl

by Russ Burlingame

Supergirl #17, out today, features a notable guest appearance from an old friend that fans haven't seen since the launch of the New 52: Superman's red undies.

That's right, folks--at one point in the penultimate chapter of Scott Lobdell's H'El on Earth storyline, H'El takes a swing at Kal-El and hits him so hard he goes flying into the air--and apparently his nifty shape-changing outfit loses track of what universe it's in.

Clearly, it's a minor coloring error and, given DC's propensity for doing such things, it wouldn't be surprising to see it corrected in digital editions right away. It would be more surprising if it weren't removed in time for the eventual collected edition.

But fans who are still clinging to the old look can at least pretend that it's sticking around for a little while longer: Supes never reappeared in the issue after taking the hit, so who knows what his costume looked like when he landed?

By Russ Burlingame

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