Classic Spider-Man Cover Internet Bidding Hits $225,000

The original art to the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #121, featuring the pivotal story "The Night Gwen Stacy Died," internet bidding closed at $225,000 tonight, which will guarantee it being one of the most expensive pieces of American original comic book art ever sold. The auction has now entered the live bidding stage, which concludes at noon eastern time on Saturday.

The cover, by legendary Marvel artist John Romita, still has a long way to go to reach Todd McFarlane's record-breaking The Amazing Spider-Man #328 cover, which sold last year for over $650,000.

Heritage Auctions, one of the world's foremost traders in original comics art, oversaw both auctions.

Some observers has speculated that a third Heritage Auction, planned for this weekend, would break McFarlane's record as the original cover to Watchmen #1 went on the block but that piece is currently stalled at a relatively paltry $42,500. The Watchmen cover will also enter the Live Signature Floor Session, which will conclude noon Saturday.

"Some say the death of Gwen Stacy marked the end of the Silver Age of comics," wrote Heritage on the Spidey piece. "The loss of Gwen marked nothing less than an end to the carefree fun and offbeat innocence of the Silver Age era. Spider-Man and the Marvel Age of Heroes were never quite so merry after this story."