Yes! Finally! This proves what we've all expected for some time by now– That there was a clear and palpable prejudice against Superman by a lot of people who didn't want to see Superman & DC succeed. Too many biased people who have an influence in the film industry went into the theater looking for reasons to deminish Man of Steel. Their reasons are weak & flimsy and don't have a leg go stand on. And even if the reasons they listed were legitimate reasons, the amount of points they deduct from the movie's grade are excessive. It's similar to a scenario where a 15 yr old kid who has never been in trouble gets arrested for smoking a joint and the judge sentences him to the maximum– 10 years in prison. Sure, you can punish the kid that long because it's written into the law, but it's an injustice to the kid to throw him to the wolves like that right away. When that happens it's apparent the judge has a preconceived bias towards the kid. The same is true here. The critics who bashed Man of Steel deducted too much from it relative to the magnitude/severity of the alleged flaws in the movie. There is no way in Hell a summer blockbuster superhero movie should be given a score of 55/100 simply because the action sequences lasted too long for their taste, and because it had a lot of damage & destruction at the end of the film.