Was That [SPOILER] on Gotham?

(Photo: FOX)

SPOILERS For Gotham "Unleashed"

Tonight's episode of Gotham had some... explosive... moments (get it?), but when Selina Kyle snuck her way into Indian Hill, the hidden experimental facility underneath Arkham Asylum, we got some extra surprises.

Selina hears that they're moving the Indian Hill "patients" to a new facility. She sees one in particular being dragged away. He's a big fellow, with four security guards poking and prodding at him to leave. The character is groaning, and seems to have a large scar across his face. As Selina looks on in horror, it turns to her and grins revealing... something in the shadows.

(Photo: FOX)

So here's the face that looks at Selina Kyle. The question is, who or what is it?

The skin is greenish-grayish and there appears to be either scales or rot on its chin, and that makes us think it's one of two DC Comics characters.

The first is Solomon Grundy. He's the most obvious choice, thanks to a few things: First, he's big and groaning - pretty much a clue right there. Solomon Grundy is, typically, based in Gotham City, so the location is right (well, Slaughter Swamp, near Gotham, but still). He also happens to be a zombie. The entire Indian Hill facility, and Professor Hugo Strange's projects there, have been about bringing the dead back to life.

Of course the slightly scaly-looking skin brings to mind another large villain from Gotham City, Killer Croc. He has a lot of the same basic features as Grundy, though he's typically able to form actual words. Still, the scales and the green tint has to be taken into account.

Of course, this could just be "random undead Aaron Helzinger aka Amygdala." He did get pretty beat down by Azrael last episode, after all.

We've reached out to Fox for clarification on the mystery character. With only two episodes left of the season, and the way things have escalated considerably in the supervillain department on the show, anything's possible.