New Harley Quinn Image From Suicide Squad Released

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Most sane fans wouldn’t look at the members of Suicide Squad and think, “Oh, yeah, they're total squad goals.” However, people do crazy things when they're in love, and plenty of fans have already fallen for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. While the DC Entertainment flick won't land until the beginning of August, fans are already counting down until they see Quinn in action. And, now, Empire is bringing a new, exclusive picture of the character to fans everywhere.

harley quinn empire
(Photo: Empire)

In the latest photo, fans can see Harley reclining atop what appears to be a booth in an upscale club. The character’s signature blond locks are loose with each end dyed a different color, and her shiny dress dips dips low to complete Quinn’s sultry look. An array of tattoos are also visible on Quinn’s lithe physique, and fans can easily see one piece peeking from below her hair that reads, “Daddy’s Lil Monster.”

The photo feels rich with its overt gold tones, and Quinn certainly looks pleased by whatever is going down in the scene. The character, who’ll be making her big-screen debut in Suicide Squad, is already garnering tons of attention given her pop culture popularity. As the character was first created in Batman: The Animated Series, fans have really only gotten a full-on ‘Harley Quinn Experience’ through said show and the recent Batman: Arkahm video game series.

That all is about to change, however, as Margot is said to have really leveled with Quinn’s character. As such, a solo Harley Quinn film has been approved by both Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment that’ll feature the deadly villain alongside other DC Comics vixens. And, while fans are unsure how the squad will come out of their upcoming film, the main Suicide Squad cast has all signed on for more films as the first will undoubtedly be a box office hit.

Suicide Squad will hit theaters next month on August 5th 2016.