League Of Legends' Gargoyle Stoneplate Receiving Active Effect Changes Soon

Chogath 0
(Photo: Riot Games)

Changes are expected to come soon for League of Legends’ Gargoyle Stoneplate item, a powerful tank purchase that grants a massive amount of health when used correctly.

While the item’s health-giving qualities is one of its primary factors that makes it so dangerous on champions like Cho’Gath and others who have items that can synergize with it, the additional health granted is the main area that’s getting tweaked soon. One change is a bugfix, and the other will split the health given by the item’s active ability between base and bonus health.

“The second, which is still being tested, but likely to ship, is a change where the 100% extra health temporarily granted will be split between base and bonus health, rather than all be treated as bonus health,” Riot Meddler said. “E.g. a champ with 1500 base health and 1000 bonus health would now get an extra 1500 base health and an extra 1000 bonus health, rather than 2500 bonus health.”

The goal behind Gargoyle Stoneplate is clear: Put it on a tank who thrives in the middle of the enemy team, pop the active ability, and become a much bigger wall for your team. The passive, Stone Skin, grants quite a bit of armor and magic resistance by itself when multiple enemies are around, but it’s true potential shines in its active, seen below if you need a refresher on the exact details of the item.

“UNIQUE – Metallicize: Increases current and maximum health by 40%, as well as champion size, but reduces the damage you deal by 60% for 4 seconds. If Stone Skin is active, instead increases health by 100% (90 second cooldown).”

Though it’s being regarded as a tweak in the recent Gameplay Thoughts post from Meddler, the changes being made to Gargoyle Stoneplate are essentially nerfs that’ll grant less health through the item’s active ability.

To many players who don’t have any use for Stoneplate, the changes are probably pretty welcome. Any ADC who’s played recently since Cho’Gath received his ability updates has likely been on the receiving end of a Feast that deals over 1000 true damage.

Should these and other changes go through, Cho likely won’t be dealing quite as much damage with his ult, but Gargoyle Stoneplate should still persist as a useful teamfighting item for tanks.