Yasuo's Designer Will Create the Next League of Legends Champion

(Photo: Riot Games)

The next League of Legends champion will be designed by the Riot Games’ Bradford “CertainlyT” Wenban, a designer with a long track record of innovative gameplay decisions.

While champions and reworks are worked on by sizeable teams that tackle different areas such as art, lore, and gameplay, Riot Reav3 confirmed that CertainlyT is the main Rioter working on the next champion.

“Obviously there is a huge team that all contribute to New Champs and VGUs,” Reav3 wrote in a response to a question on the League boards. “That being said the main designer of the next new champ is CertainlyT.”

If you’re unfamiliar with CertainlyT’s past work, the designer is responsible for the creation of Darius, Thresh, Zyra, Yasuo, and Kalista. The reworks of Warwick, Mordekaiser, Graves, and Caitlyn also fell under the Rioter’s jurisdiction.

From looking at what CertainlyT has worked on, it’s undeniable that the designer has some interesting ideas when it comes to champions. From collecting souls to controlling dragons to the ever-controversial Yasuo, each one of CertainlyT’s champions have all seen their time to shine. But the designer sometimes catches flak for his works. Whatever the next champion is supposed to be, it appears that it’ll take similar risks to CertainlyT’s other projects as well, according to a defense of the designer from Riot August.

“Threads about Brad always get some salt,” Riot August wrote in a comment on Reddit that discussed the next champion’s designer. “I just want to say that he's one of the best designers I know. His designs are always pushing boundaries and are usually fun as hell to play. The next champ is no exception. I can't wait to see it go live.”

In addition to confirming the next champion’s designer, Reav3 also elaborated on who will be in charge of future Visual and Gameplay Updates. Swain’s update will be handled by 20thCenturyFaux, but after that, SolCrushed will work on the next champion’s rework. SolCrushed is no stranger to reworks, the designer being the one in charge of both Yorick’s and Galio’s reworks.

Champion releases and updates are set to alternate, so with Ornn recently released, it’ll be a bit longer before League players see CertainlyT’s new project on the Rift.