How Batman Could Beat The Avengers According To Max Landis

If you're a typical comic book fan at some point in your life you've dreamt of how a fight between Batman and The Avengers might go down. If you never have, then let screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra), with his abundant imagination and enthusiasm for comic books, tell you how the scenario might play out if it were to ever happen.

Below, is Max's take on The Dark Knight battling Earth's Mightiest Heroes:

My opinion on this stems not from my love of preference of individual characters, but rather for how the characters work best. The Avengers work best when vulnerable; Batman works best when he's written as a domineering and intense force of nature.

I think they'd stand a better chance in Round 2, but Round 1 goes like this. Okay, so let's say The Avengers appear in a city with batman and they fight.

In order:

  • Banner gets knock-out darted before he turns into Hulk
  • Iron Man's suit gets hacked real quick
  • Vision gets EMP'd reeeeal quick
  • Thor gets Batwing'd into a building and then glued down with polymer
  • B Wids and H-Eye get knocked the f out
  • Cap's a fight but Batman wins

Honestly if they fought him one on one it would be a fairer fight because he wouldn't be able to use the city against them as effectively; that ninja training is gonna be a b*tch for the rough and tumble MCU Avengers. Honestly I like Cap as a character more than I like Batman, I like Iron Man more too.

Superman fighting the Avengers is just...not a fight. There's no tactical element to it. He just punches all of them once.

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