Did The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere Reveal A Major Character's Pregnancy?

Last night, during The Walking Dead's season premiere, we may have all been too busy worrying about the massive horde of walkers to notice a hint at a major character's pregnancy.

Remember that flashback where Rick rallied Alexandria to get behind him and his plan of moving that massive horde? Walking Dead comic fans probably just went, "Ohhhhhhhhh. He's right." Be warned, spoilers follow from The Walking Dead's comic which quite accurately foreshadows the events of The Walking Dead television series lately.

While Rick rallied the troops and took volunteers, Glenn signed up and suggested Maggie stay behind. His reasoning was Deanna's necessity to have Maggie as her back bone after losing her husband and son by the end of season five. In agreement with boyfriend Glenn, Maggie said, "That's not the only reason," very quietly, to which Glenn responded, "Yeah. It isn't." Seems like they have a little secret.

What other reason could there be than a pregnancy straight out of the comics? Glenn and Maggie were expecting a child, a bit later in the comics, but parenthood bound nonethless.

Of course, I say, "were," because of what happened to Glenn in the infamous issue 100. With the recent casting call for Negan being released by the production team in Georgia, it seems The Walking Dead will be following the comic book storyline, at least to enough of an extent to believe Maggie Greene is pregnant.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM EST on AMC.