Channing Tatum's Gambit Producer Says Attitude Of Film Will Match Comic

Channing Tatum - Gambit

Now that Channing Tatum superhero vehicle and X-Men spinoff film Gambit has a director again, and its star its officially locked in, the project is full steam ahead and still scheduled for an October release.

Speaking to Empire Magazine, producer Simon Kinberg describes Gambit as “a sexy PG-13 heist film,” and says that Tatum will be drawing inspiration from the comics he loves.

“Channing is a big fan of the comic,” Kinberg says, “so the accent, the attitude, the costume in many way, will be in the film. And he’s a character with a complex backstory – we’re playing him as a thief in the film, and that’s a big part of the story.”

Gambit’s had a number of costumes in the comics, so it will be interesting to see how they translate that to film. We’re assuming that, if they’re playing him as a thief, the bright pink breastplate and metal boots will be toned down a bit.

As for Gambit’s backstory, Kinberg may say “complex,” but “convoluted” may be more accurate. Remy’s origin involves rival guild’s vying for favor with an X-Ternal, some kind of godlike, immortal mutant. It’s a bit much for a heist film.

However, if they do want to go the heist route, they should really look towards the most recent Gambit solo comic for inspiration. Written by James Asmus, the series was basically a mutant version of the Thomas Crown Affair.

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