American Gods Comic-Con Poster Revealed

american gods sdcc poster
(Photo: Starz)

When people pledge allegiance in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, do they still note their nation is under God? More than likely, yeah. But, when it comes to American Gods, there are actually plenty of New and Old gods who continue to live amongst humans. With Starz prepping for its the franchise's upcoming TV series, the network is taking advantage of America's proud patriotism and has uploaded a photo of the show's exclusive SDCC poster to Twitter.

Paired with the message, “Gods bless America,” @AmericanGodsSTZ uploaded art that features a bovine skull overlaid atop an American flag image. The background features red-and-blue stripes with white stars intermingled throughout, but it’s the ornate art incorporate within the skull that’s got fans buzzing. Just take a few moments to look over the art, and you’ll see all sorts of things: cheeseburgers, medicinal pills, digital cameras, smartphones, and weapons of war. Surely, there’s got to be a few meme references in there as well. I mean, c'mon.

The collaged image all ties back to the story of American Gods as it follows the character Shadow who becomes entangled with the world’s gods despite his mortal status. Introduced to Mr. Wednesday/Odin, Shadow learns of global conflict that’s pitting the world’s Old gods against its New gods, the overlords of all things material, money, and Millennial. Convinced Earth has no need for its Old gods, the New gods plan to wage a war that'll remove the old-fashioned pantheon.

With American Gods set to premiere next year, Starz is already promoting the show big-time. The series was created by Bryan Fuller and Michel Green, and of course, the story is based upon Neil Gaiman’s award-winning books of the same name. As for this particular poster, Starz is exclusively distributing the promotion at SDCC this weekend. As such, fans have been flooding the show’s Twitter with excited messages, and hilariously enough, the account is responding just as enthusiastically.

Hopefully, we can all agree with this shared sentiment as @lordebaelish tweeted, “I’m breathless right now,” in response to the brand-new poster. Obviously, the network was speaking for most fans through their response as they simply replied with, “mission accomplished.”