Sailor Moon Movie To Screen In US Theaters Next Spring

In the name of the Moon, she will punish you - well, maybe! If you are a fan of Sailor Moon, you know you don’t want to be on the receiving end of Usagi’s crystalline powers - and there is only one way you can avoid her wrath. You can get on Sailor Moon’s good side by heading to theaters this January. Viz Media has announced Eleven Arts will screen Sailor Moon R: The Movie in US cinemas next spring to celebrate Usagi and her Sailor Scouts.

If you’re lucky enough to attend a screening, expect to watch and receive plenty of extra goodies. The event will preface the film with “Make Up! Sailor Guardians,” an anime short first published in 1993. The clip follows Usagi and Chibiusa overhear patrons at a coffee shop argue over which Sailor Scout is the best. Moviegoers will also receive an exclusive commemorative gift at the screenings while supplies last.

After the short airs, fans will then watch Sailor Moon R on the silver screen. The film originally premiered in 1993 over in Japan before Pioneer Entertainment brought to film to Western audiences in 1999. The story follows Tuxedo Mask - who’s real name is Mamoru - as a small boy. He gives a flower to another child named Fiore who promises Mamoru he will come back to repay him for the kindness. However, Fiore’s return isn’t a pleasant one, and it falls to the Sailor Scouts to prevent his scheming plot.

If you’ve never seen Sailor Moon, then this film is definitely one that can introduce you to the beloved anime. Sailor Moon R acts as an extended, dramatic episode that welcomes newcomers and old fans alike. The film introduces each of the Sailor Scouts with ease, and its plot is self-contained from the actual anime. Not only is the artwork and dialogue symptomatic of the entire series but Sailor Moon R gives audiences a look into the anime’s core themes: friendship, love, and equality for all.

(Photo: Toei Animation )

So, if you need plans next January, go ahead and pencil of one weekend to see Sailor Moon R when it hits theaters. Currently, there are no confirmed dates for the limited screenings, but Viz Media promises ticket updates will be provided sooner rather than later.

[H/T] Anime News Network