Fake KB Toys Account Gets Shut Down

KB Toys is making a comeback, and it should be a bit easier now that another account is not confusing customers and fans.

The name of KB Toys is now owned by Strategic Marks, who is planning on bringing back the toy store by this holiday season, hoping to fill the void left by Toys "R" Us. Lately though fans have been confusing thanks to another account on social media claiming it was the real KB Toys and that the other company was impersonating them.

They were even answering questions, but today that matter of who is real and who's not is settled, as their account has been suspended. The real KB Toys account broke the news.

"We @kbtoysstore just received notice from @twittersupport that @realkbtoys was finally suspended and taken down for trying to fraudulently pose as our company. Still makes us wonder why someone would impersonate us...."

It does seem odd, though there are a variety of fake accounts out there. Thing is many of them don't claim to actually be the real versions they are mocking, and aren't trying to actively discredit them.

KB Toys will utilize a pop-up store strategy to get stores up and running before Christmas, and the ones that are most successful will be targeted for continued operation, provided leasing agreements can be reached.


Strategic Marks CEO Ellia Kassoff has been overwhelmed by the support for this new era of KB Toys so far and shared his excitement in a recent blog post.

"The last couple of day have been extraordinary for us at #Strategicmarks and @kbtoysstore. We've received thousands of messages, through tweets, phone calls, @linkedin requests the press and @youtube videos. The support from not only the public but toy companies, toy collectors, political figures, financial institutions and employees of @toysrus and ex #kbtoysemployees have been humbling. To top it off, I became very emotional when I read an email to me from the grandson of Howard Kaufman, the founder of Kay Bee Toys who is still alive and well at the great age of 92. The whole family is so happy to see the possibility of @kbtoysstorer coming back. It is such an honor and privilege to work on bringing back the store Howard created, you have no idea how amazing this is for us. Due to the overwhelming response to my initial post, I apologize if I can't get back to all of you but we want every single person to know we care about all your messages of support. We are still putting together the strategy and hope to have that completed over the next few weeks, so we ask that everyone be patient with us. #savethetoyindustry #kbtoysstoreisback"