New 'City Hunter' Movie Trailer Teases 'Cat's Eye' Crossover

Before Tsukasa Hojo created the successful series City Hunter for Weekly Shonen Jump, he released an equally successful series about a trio of sisters who steal art in order to find every piece of their missing father's collection.

After a long time away, the trio from Cat's Eye will be making a crossover appearance in the new City Hunter film, Shinjuku Private Eyes, and you can see the first tease at their appearance in the newest trailer for the film above.

Beginning in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1981, and ending before City Hunter began, Cat's Eye spawned several manga volumes, anime series, and feature films. The titular "Cat's Eye" is the name of a cafe three sisters named Hitomi, Rui, and Ai run to fuel their night lives as art thieves who are trying to piece together a collection their father once had.

The sisters return in the latest trailer for City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes with two of the original actresses from the original anime adaptation of the series in tow. Chika Sakamoto is returning to voice Ai, and Keiko Toda is returning to voice the oldest sister Hitomi. She will also serve as the voice for Rui as original actress Toshiko Fujita passed away last year.

Opening February 9, 2019 in Japan, City Hunter the Movie: Shinjuku Private Eyes shifts the setting of the series to modern day Shinjuku. Director Kenji Kodama (who directed many of the franchise's anime iterations) returns to direct the new film for Sunrise, Yoichi Kato will be writing the script, Kumiko Takahashi will serve as character designer and Taku Iwasaki will compose the music for the film.


City Hunter the Movie: Shinjuku Private Eyes will star returning cast members Akira Kamiya as Ryo Saeba, Kazue Ikura as Kaori Makimura, Harumi Ichiryūsai as Saeko Nogami, Tessho Genda as Umibozu, and Mami Koyama as Miki. New additions to the cast include Marie Iitoyo (her first acting role) as Ai Shindo, a model who hires Ryo as a bodyguard, Koichi Yamadera as Shinji Mikuni (Ai's childhood friend), and Houchu Ohtsuka as Vince Englert (an arms dealer).

City Hunter was originally created by Tsukasa Hojo for Weekly Shonen Jump in 1985. The series follows Ryo, a private detective who chases girls and works alongside Hideyuki Makimura to rid Tokyo of crime. The pair run a ‘City Hunter’ business to tackle Tokyo’s corrupt elite, but things turn south when Hideyuki is murdered. The boy’s sister Kaori joins Ryo at work to catch her brother’s murderer, and the pair learn what it means to be partners as they take on various missions. The series has inspired numerous anime, film (with one even starring Jackie Chan), and television projects since its debut.