DC Reveals Batman's Final Suit

Batman has had some impressive costumes and suits of armor over the years, but he might've outdone himself with his newest armor, which debuted in Justice League #24. That's saying something, as we've seen crazy color schemes and various power sources used by the Dark Knight in the past, but the World Forger recently introduced Batman to a new suit, one that is described as his final suit. Thing is, the actual abilities of the suit far outweigh the stylistic choices, and they are incredibly deadly in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, that might even go for Batman as well.

Spoilers incoming for Justice League #24, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned. Are we good? Good. So, while half of the League is just trying to get back to their Fifth Dimension counterparts and Superman is still stranded in darkness, Batman is being given the full VIP treatment. It turns out the World Forger wants Batman to finish what his Fifth Dimension counterpart started, and Batman learns that he designed a chair from Element X that allows him to see into other people's hearts.

The chair was designed so they could figure out who was on their side and win the initial war, but Batman took the idea further and ended up designing the Final Bat-Suit around the chair. It sent further than the chair in its abilities too, as it not only could see into people's hearts and minds but could also change them and rewrite them cell by cell.

(Photo: DC)

Batman figures out that means the current Justice League in this universe didn't actually choose this destiny but had their minds and hearts altered by the Final Bat-Suit. Batman manages to repair the damage to the suit from its last battle and as his fellow Leaguers return, he surprises them in the Final Bat-Suit, though he gives the impression that he's not on their side.

The suit itself looms above the League, looking like a Bat-Megazord in size and stature. The Bat-symbol is a fiery gold and that material shows up in the arms and legs as well, while the rest of the suit seems to be white with blue accents. The suit also has wings, and there's blue energy coming from the gauntlets and the shoulders.

As you can see in the image above, it's quite impressive, and hopefully, something is amiss, because otherwise, the League's chances don't look good.

Justice League #24 is in comic stores now.



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