'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Preview Highlights Brock And Misty's Return

As many Pokémon fans have already heard and seen, two of the-the series’ favorite characters have made their return to the anime. This was the first time Brock and Misty, Ash’s original comrades in the series, appear in the Pokémon Sun & Moon animated TV show. The pair is making their returns as guests in two episodes, which did air on September 14 and will air again with another new episode showcasing the two on September 21st.

In the episodes, Ash and Pikachu return to Kanto, where they first came from, for a school project with the two then bumping into their old friends Brock and Misty. In addition, a sneak peek of the two episodes for Sun & Moon has been released and you can watch it in the video below.

The voice actress of Misty, Mayumi Lizuka, was thrilled with the characters return to the series, as were many Pokémon fans who are enjoying Sun & Moon. However, this is not the Brock and Misty Pokémon fans grew up with, as the two have had a major face-lift. Although, that is expected as every character had a change in style in this new series. Some fans have been against the animation of the latest series, however, most are just happy to see a continuation of Ash and Pikachu's story, with Brock and Misty now joining in again.


So far Pokémon Sun & Moon has been a success, as was the video game that was released earlier under the same title. The games happened to be some of Nintendo’s fastest selling games ever, with over 14.6 million copies sold worldwide since the end of 2016. Pokémon Sun & Moon is the series’ seventh generation, with the anime and the games being released to celebrate the successful franchises 20th anniversary.

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