Is This What An Adult Naruto Should Have Looked Like?

Naruto is known for many things, but the poor ninja isn’t widely regarded for his style. The ninja has always had a unique look, but his insistence on all things orange rubbed plenty of fashion-forward fans the wrong way. The boy’s sins only grew as he became older, but one fan has tried to re-imagine how Naruto could have looked as an adult.

As you can see below, the ninja turned out more than alright.

Over on Reddit, the Naruto fandom began buzzing after a piece of fan-art was posted of Naruto. The work, which was penned by Great Kung Lao, gives a different look at how Naruto might have turned out if he was a bit more like his father and knew what a hipster was.

Am I the only one that thinks that this is what Naruto should have looked like as an adult? from Naruto

While Naruto’s face does look much the same, the ninja has a totally different style in this sketch. The hero’s hair is much longer and seen gathered into a low-hanging ponytail similar to what Jiraiya wore. At the top, Naruto’s hair is as spiky as ever, and his long sideburns are very reminiscent to what Minato Namikaze rocked back in the day.

When it comes to Naruto’s clothes, the ninja seems to be wearing a blend of his own style and that from Minato. Naruto is seen wearing a mesh undershirt with his black jacket from the Shippuden era over it. To top the whole thing off, Naruto has a long white coat with the Uzumaki clan’s spiral insignia sown into one sleeve. The duster gives fans clear nostalgic vibes as its high collar makes it similar to the one Minato work once he became the Fourth Hokage.

While Naruto does look rather stylish in this re-imagining, fans do admit they have grown partial to how the hero looks nowadays. The fan-art may give an edgy estimation of how Naruto might have looked in his early-20s, but the ninja wouldn’t be able to rock the look forever. By the time Boruto: Naruto Next Generations takes place, the hero is a father, husband, and a Hokage. His short hair and demure attire is fitting for a politician of his status. And, most importantly, the get-up lets Naruto still rock his number one color.

After all, who would Naruto be if he weren't covered in orange from head to toe?

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