'One Piece' Proves Sanji And Luffy’s Bromance Is Still Alive

Warning! Spoilers for One Piece chapter 884 lie below!

One Piece is not finished with its Whole Cake Island arc, but that doesn’t mean Sanji and Luffy cannot show off their bromance. Fans of the Straw Hat Pirates known the characters get along well, but Sanji has always held a certain respect for his captain. Some felt that bond may have been broken after Sanji agreed to marry Pudding and give up on his pirating life.

However, if One Piece’s latest chapter has anything to say, it is that Sanji and Luffy are okay still.

In chapter 884, fans watched as Luffy continued his battle with Katakuri after learning about the man’s true weakness. Over on Cacao Island, Sanji and Pudding are seen in the kitchen with Brulee as the latter reveals Luffy has been trapped in the Mirror World fighting Katakuri. Brulee also reveals that the Straw Hat pirates will be ambushed by Oven and his army when they finally arrive on Cacao Island, but Pudding is more concerned about how Luffy is faring.

“Sanji, did you hear what they said? Luffy’s in trouble! He’s fighting one-on-one with brother Katakuri! That guy’s superhuman! He’s got a bounty of 1 billion belly!! He’s never been defeated!! What do we do,” Pudding asks.

Turning away from his cake, Sanji looks to his arranged fiance and shows support to his caption.

“Then it looks like today’s going to be his first loss,” Sanji says. “Go back to making the cake. It’ll be okay.”

While Sanji may not always see eye-to-eye with Luffy, it is clear little can make the chef lose his respect for the younger pirate. After years of sailing the seas with one another, Sanji knows Luffy is the kind of guy who makes the impossible possible, and fans cannot wait for the Straw Hat crew to be reunited for good once Big Mom gets out of the way.

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