This 'One Punch Man' & 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Mash-Up Is Too Good

One Punch Man has yet to debut its second season, but fans know the release is on its way. For one otaku on Youtube, they could not help but try their hand at hyping the anime’s comeback, and its ensuing match-up with Guardians of the Galaxy is too good.

As you can see above, RB Films put together a trailer for One-Punch Man Vol. 2. The clip borrows from Marvel Studios and its clever editing shows off Saitama and the gang.

Fans follow Saitama as he goes up against an intergalactic villain, but One Punch Man is able to tke the baddie out with one punch. The hero’s ‘OK’ face shows just how little Saitama cares about being stepped to by a space-bent baddie.

As the trailer goes, a familiar track of background music filters in. “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac can be heard as the video brings out its heroic line-up. Saitama, Genos, Mumen Rider, Silver Fang, Sonic, Tatsumaki, and more make up the anime world’s Guardians of the Galaxy gang.

There is no telling what kind of trailer the second season of One Punch Man will get, but fans can only hope it is well-timed as this one. Earlier this year, fans got an update about the franchise and how it will be changing hands. Fans learned the anime was moving since Madhouse gave the second season to J.C. Staff to produce. A new director will also be overseeing the series this time around as Shingo Natsume stepped down so Chikara Sakurai could fill in. The update also confirmed One Punch Man’s original cast will be returning to voice characters such as Saitama, so the anime may be far enough long come December to give fans a heads up about its much-awaited premiere date.

One Punch ManSunday at on TV Tokyo

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