‘Dragon Ball Super’ Confirms A Goku & Android Tag-Team Match

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super’s 117th episode lie below:

Dragon Ball Super is busy with Kefla at the moment, but the anime doesn’t plan to spotlight the fusion forever. When the show’s 117th episode premieres, Goku will find himself teaming up with two very different kinds of characters.

Over in Japan, a series of new episode synopses for Dragon Ball Super went live for fans. Online translators turned around the summaries to share with fans, and you can read the telling synopsis for episode 117 below:

“After using up all of his stamina with Ultra Instinct, Goku is targeted by Ribrianne and the others of Universe 2. As it looks like Goku is going to be hit by their attacks, Androids 17 and 18 arrive to help him.”

As you can see, Goku is going to come out of his fight with Super Saiyan Kefla looking worse for wear. The hero had a tough time against the fusion even when he went Super Saiyan Blue, but Goku managed to find enough stamina to unlock Ultra Instinct. This week’s episode will follow the hero as he tests out his newly acquired state, but it will not last long. Goku will fall out of Ultra Instinct and become prey to Ribrianne. However, the hero will have his Android comrades at his back.

Androids 17 and 18 have not been shown heavily in the Tournament of Power so far, but that will soon change. 18 has had a better run than her brother since she got to team up with her husband Krillin earlier in the event. The sibling duo will tap into a battle with Goku soon enough, and the trio may have the power between them to knock Universe 2 straight out of the Tournament.

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