Goku Becomes The Hulk in This Marvel and 'Dragon Ball' Mash-Up

Fans go back all the time with who would win in a fight between Dragon Ball's Goku and Marvel's The Incredible Hulk, but what if the two were mashed together?

You'd get this awesome comic cover featuring Goku mirroring The Incredible Hulk #1.

Reddit user thelastavenger drew up some amazing fan-art depicting Goku in mid-Oozaru transformation, and it strongly resemble the first solo issue cover of The Incredible Hulk. Labeled as "The Incredible Goku," the art features Goku's red eyes as he stares into the full moon.

My Incredible Goku crossover cover I made a couple years ago. Thought you guys might like it. from dbz

Standing to the side in fear are Yamcha, Bulma, Puar, and Oolang (complete with panties on his head that he got from a Dragon Ball wish) with Emperor Pilaf's palace off in the distance. The original cover of The Incredible Hulk shares a lot of similar visual cues and adorned with many quotes to get passing by reader's attention.

The questions of "Is he man or monster?" and "Is he both?" with the grand exclamations of "fantasy as you like it" and "the strangest man alive" are also mirrored im thelastavenger's art instead replacing everry instance of "man" with "boy."

For those unfamiliar with this crucial moment in Dragon Ball, this was during the first arc of Dragon Ball, the "Emperor Pilaf" saga. In this arc the Dragon Balls were stolen by Emperor Pilaf and his cronies, but after failing to get his wish granted when one of Goku's friends steal the wish to will up a pair of women's underwear instead, Goku and his friends are imprisoned.

Seeing the light of the full moon through the window of the cell, it's revealed that Goku loses his mind and turns into a giant rampaging ape. The ape, later to be revealed as Oozaru, then destroys Pilaf's palace. The ape almost killed Goku's friends, but they manage to cut off his tail and revert Goku to his base state. He then awakes the next morning with no memory of what took place.

His transformation and loss of mental state certainly draws strong parallels to Marvel's The Incredible Hulk, so this fan-art is effective on many levels.

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