'Dragon Ball' Reveals Whether Android 17 Or 18 Is The Strongest

When it comes to sibling rivalries, Androids 17 and 18 aren’t the worst pair out there. The two heroes have come to an understanding about their power levels, but Dragon Ball Z saw the siblings feud over who was stronger every once in awhile. Recently, Dragon Ball Super drew fans back to the debate as many began wondering which of the two was stronger.

As it turns out, Android 17 is just a bit stronger than his sister cares to admit.

If you look through your manga collection, be sure to check out Dragon Ball and its 367th chapter. Shueisha published a chart detailing the franchise’s androids with the chapter, and the history sheet confirmed Gero nerfed 18 in hopes she would be more docile than her brother.

“Too much attention was placed on its power capabilities, so it refused to take orders,” Gero’s notes said about 17 before labeling the android a failure.

As for 18, the heroine was short changed in terms of power, but her rebellious attitude was just as bad as her brother’s.

“Although its power was suppressed — compared to #17 — it also did not follow orders,” Gero revealed.

The debate surged back to the front of the Dragon Ball fandom after 17 went head-to-head with a veritable god. The android just finished fighting a warrior named Jiren in Dragon Ball Super. While the hero did lose his match, 17 put up a good fight against Jiren who is said to be stronger than his universe’s God of Destruction. The showing had fans curious where 18 would stand against her brother in terms of power. And, unless something drastic changed after the ‘Cell’ saga, then it seems 17 is still the most powerful of the two.

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