Dragon Ball: Is Ultra Instinct's Transformation Better Than The Original Super Saiyan?

Dragon Ball fans know how to hype their favorite fighters. Over the years, guys like Goku and Vegeta have been rallied behind whenever they debut a new form, and that is still true even today. When Goku tapped into Ultra Instinct for the very first time, fans went nuts, and many have gone so far as to compare the power-up to a truly iconic transformation.

So, do you think Ultra Instinct’s final form can live up to the first Super Saiyan shift?

Over on social media, fans have started convening over Goku’s latest form. In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, audiences got to see the Saiyan unleash his perfected version of Ultra Instinct. The hero debuted the power back in October when he fought Jiren for the first time, but Goku was able to master the power-up when he sized up Jiren a second time.

The epic transformation got the Internet buzzing, and it felt as grand as it looked. When Goku underwent his new transformation, his Ki formed a galaxy around the Tournament of Power’s arena, and he exploded in a blinding light of energy. Goku’s hair took on a silver shade as did his irises, leaving the hero looking like a true god.

Ui is gokus best transformation since super saiyan from r/dbz

As you can see above, plenty of fans are willing to rank this new sequence up with the original Super Saiyan transformation. The iconic moment took place back in Dragon Ball Z when stakes couldn’t have been higher. With Namek on the line and Krillin dead, Goku tapped into his Super Saiyan rage in one long-winded transformation, and the form would go on to change the franchise as fans know it.


Ultra Instinct’s arrival may not have had the outward emotional baggage that Super Saiyan did, but its soundtrack amplified its arrival enough for fans. Goku’s much-awaited form has been a decided hit with audiences, and fans are ready to see the Saiyan use it fully against Jiren when Dragon Ball Super airs its next episode.

Where do you rank Goku's latest transformation? Can anything ever beat Super Saiyan's first outing? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime!