'Dragon Ball Super' Manga Nerfs [SPOILER] in the Tournament of Power

While the Tournament of Power may be ending in the anime, the event just got going in the manga. When the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super went live, fans got their first taste of the event’s brutal pace, but one character was noticeably nerfed.

Sorry, Katopesla. Maybe next time, yeah?

If you head over to Viz, you can read Dragon Ball Super’s 33rd chapter for free. The thrilling release catches up with Goku’s team as Universe 7 arrives at the arena where the tournament is being held. The gang size up their competition for a bit before the Omni-Kings signal the event to begin. And, when it does, Vegeta goes absolutely ham on Katopesla.

In a single spread, fans can see Katopesla turn into fight fodder for the Saiyan. The Universe 3 warrior teams up with Nink to fight, and they approach Vegeta from both sides. Their tactics are quickly shot down when Vegeta blocks their punches and flings them backwards so hard they fly outside of the arena. The out-of-bounds rule knocks the fighters out of the tournament, leaving them to warm the benches for the universe.

Of course, fans of the anime will be surprised by this quick elimination. Katopesla may not have been a powerful fighter on the show, but he stuck around for a long time. The series used the transformation-loving hero to make filler, so Katopesla got to enjoy more battles. Through the ‘Universal Survival’ arc, the Universe 3 fighter encountered others like Kale, Android 17, Goku, and even Jiren. However, it was Vegeta who eventually eliminated Katopesla from the tournament with a rousing Final Flash.


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