Goku's Voice Actress Reveals Her Wish For More 'Dragon Ball'

If the eternal voice actress of Son Goku wants something to happen, it better get done. Over the years, Masako Nozawa has become a heralded member of Japan’s acting community, and her vocal work on Dragon Ball has made her a living icon. These days, the actress is busy working on a new anime for Toei Animation, but Nozawa isn’t ready to give up her time with Goku.

After all, if you were to ask what Nozawa’s wish for Dragon Ball is, it would be for more of it.

Recently, Dragon Ball Super ended its TV reign as the anime aired its finale. Toei Animation has remained mum on the franchise’s fate, but its creator has hinted the weekly series will only be gone for the time being. Of course, fans are hoping that is the case since Dragon Ball has never been more popular, and Nozawa wants the series to return ASAP.

Speaking with Natalie (via Kotaku) in Japan, the 81-year-old voice actress said filming the final episode of Dragon Ball Super filled her with emotion. However, there is hope for more anime.

“Even now I’m filled with emotion,” Nozawa admitted. “For now, the TV anime is taking a short break, and there’s also a movie coming this December. My hope is that the TV [anime] begins again while those memories still linger.”

Continuing, the actress said she doesn’t think Goku will ever change enough to warrant an ending for Dragon Ball. So long as Akira Toriyama is fine with his series living in perpetuity, Nozawa sees nothing wrong with it never ending. In fact, the star said that “the world of Dragon Ball will never end” — so Nozawa has spoken.

For now, Toei Animation is busy with its latest series as Kitaro no GeGeGe just made its anniversary anime comeback. The show is the one that took over Dragon Ball Super’s spot when the iconic series went off-air. There is no telling when or how Dragon Ball will return, but those involved with the franchise feel certain it will make a comeback sooner rather than later.


Still, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go collect the Dragon Balls and wish for a speedy return. You know, just in case...

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