Did You Catch This Creepy 'My Hero Academia' Post-Credits Scene?

My Hero Academia is back, and its third season just kicked off for real. After making a comeback with a recap episode, the anime aired a new episode this week that introduced its season three story line. Fans have been quick to praise the new episode, but not everyone stuck around for its special bonus scene at the end.

Yes, that’s right. My Hero Academia’s latest episode has a post-credits scene, and its juicy content would make Marvel Studios proud of the add-on.

If you have seen the new episode of My Hero Academia, then you know it kicked off the ‘School Trip’ arc in earnest. The show followed Class 1-A as the group headed out on a training trip sponsored by UA Academy, but things did not work as the students had guessed. Izuku and the gang were tossed into the Beasts Forest and told to make it to camp if they wanted to eat. While the gang were fighting, Tomura Shigaraki planned the next moves for the League of Villains, and the episode’s post-credits scene focused on his nefarious plans.

For fans who stuck past the episode’s credits, there were greeted with a strange scene. The post-credits clip showed Toga running into an abandoned room shrouded in darkness where she greeted a gang of villains. The girl said Tomura had asked them to bring some items on their upcoming mission, and two news villains are heard talking about Shigaraki.

The duo seem ready to go, but Dabi admits he’s a bit impressed by how Shigaraki is handling the mission. The burned baddie says the white-haired boy acted like a spoiled brat when they met, but he’s finally starting to take charge. And, if this missions goes as planned, then Dabi says the Pro Heroes will get the league’s warning shots loud and clear.


Of course, fans of the manga will know what this post-credits scene is meant to hint at. With the ‘School Trip’ arc moving in full, the League of Villains is poised to drop in on the academy’s field trip. Dabi and a handful of whacked-out villains will give the Hero Program students a run for their money, and things will take a turn with Bakugo finds himself taken hostage by the shadowy organization along the way.

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