WWE Waifus Are Totally A Thing Now

The worlds of anime and wrestling often cross paths much more than one would suspect. There's a good chance that if you talk to an anime fan that they have even a passive involvement with wrestling, and vice-versa.

Sometimes these fandoms intersect in the most unusual, but fantastic ways. The latest case is one fan's line of art that puts a cute anime girl spin on the WWE's top billed wrestlers like WWE Superstar Roman Reigns.

Artist cirenk has started a series of pieces on their DeviantArt page where they transform WWE Superstars into cute anime girls. While this Roman Reigns is the first in the line, cirenk plans to continue with huge names like The Undertaker and AJ Styles. Along with this hilarious work, cirenk has also provided great fan-art for WWE Superstars Asuka and Finn Balor as well as other anime like the Mobile Suit Gundam series and Darling in the Franxx (you can find cirenk's full profile at this link here).

While putting Roman Reigns through this anime filter is already hilarious (though dedicated fans have noticed how the art is missing Reigns' tattoo sleeve), the even more pressing joke is the fact that it's a Rated R18 Doujin.

For those that don't know, Doujins are fan circulated comics sold in Japan (though fans everywhere can produce them, it's a larger market overseas) that often take trademarked characters and put them in largely sensual and erotic situations. This is usually done to satisfy an urge that the original property does not, but also can be non-erotic and fulfilling in a different way as well.


This comes at a good time for Roman Reigns as well. After a bloody match with the WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 34, Roman Reigns is now lost without the title and kind of floating around the top of the WWE card until hopefully things get settled between the two after their rematch at the Greatest Royal Rumble on April 27.

The ending of their main event match has been under scrutiny by fans, as the bloody Roman Reigns still suffers from a lack of support from the crowd and the match with Lesnar did not exactly win fans over the way WWE wanted. Perhaps becoming an anime girl would not be the worst direction for Reigns to go in at the moment.