'Pokemon' Reminds Fans How Terrifying Metagross Is

Pokemon has some truly strong creatures out there, but there are some fans favor. Outside of the Mythical Pokemon, guys like Tyranitar have their own fan clubs, and Metagross is up there too.

And, if you didn’t believe in the power of Metagross, then you only need to watch one clip to believe in the pocket monster. After all, Metagross is downright terrifying in battle, and Pokemon the Series proved that in spades.

Over on Reddit, a favorite clip from Pokemon the Series: XYZ began making the rounds again. The reel, which can be seen below, shows how powerful Metagross can be... and how terrifying. You know, since there are few things scarier in life than a giant metal spider.

Fast ass metal spider from r/pokemon

As you can see, the clip begins with Pikachu sending a thunderbolt Metagross’ way, but absurdly fast lightning is too slow for the other. As this Metagross knows agility, it can cover the Pokemon Arena on par with Pikachu, and even Ash Ketchum’s comrade is stunned by the speed Metagross is showing here.

If you’re wondering how this battle came to be, Pikachu found itself pitted against the hulking Pokemon during the anime’s XYZ run. Ash Ketchum battled Alias during the Pokemon League Finals, pitting their go-to Pokemon against one another. While the whole thing ended with Ash losing to Alain’s Charizard, the animation used for Metagross is something fans will have trouble forgetting once they see it.


For those unfamiliar with Metagross, the Pokemon is considered a pseudo-legendary Pokemon thanks to its stats. The Steel-Psychic comes in at a staggering 1,200+ lbs., making it a behemoth in its own right. If you can teach the creature agility, all bets are off to what Metagross can do in the anime, but it still cannot beat Pikachu. Ash didn’t raise a quitter, and Pikachu kept at his fight with Alain’s Metagross until the larger creature was KO’d. So, while speed certainly makes the spider-like creature all the more terrifying, it does not make the Pokemon invincible.

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