New 'Vampire Hunter D' Series Takes Big Step Forward

It has been quite some time since fans have heard from Vampire Hunter D, but that will all change soon enough. After all, a new project has been in the works for the franchise, and the U.S. adaptation just took a big step forward.

Over on Twitter, fans finally got an update on how Vampire Hunter D’s next project is faring. Screenwriter Brandon Easton signaled his work on the project by posting the title page of the series’ pilot script.

“Entering the home stretch on the pilot for VAMPIRE HUNTER D: THE SERIES,” Easton wrote.

“Ensuring my bosses and the creators are all happy so that the fans can enjoy something special!”

The title page doesn’t give anything about the series away, but it does confirm two pieces of information. One, it looks like the project is known as Vampire Hunter D: The Series now. Previously, the animated project was referred to as Vampire Hunter D: Resurrection.

Additionally, the title page confirms this project is based on the Vampire Hunter D novels penned by Hideyuki Kikuchi. So, fans will see whether or not the Unified Pictures production leans into the source’s anime films.

For those unaware, this Vampire Hunter D project has been in the work for sometime. Reports of the CGI animated project went live back in 2015. At the time, Yoichi Mori was tapped to direct the series while Kurt Rauer and Scott McLean produced. Creator Kikuchi was also slated to give editorial oversight, and reports said Vampire Hunter D would seek a major American broadcaster to air its episode. Since the first announcement went public, the series has been in pre-production, but it looks like Easton is about to bring the long-awaited series a big step forward.


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Vampire Hunter D was originally created by Kikuchi in 1983 as a set of illustrated novels. It was adapted into an anime feature in 1985 before a 2000 remake was released. As for its story, the series is set in a post-apocalyptic world influenced heavily by horror, Lovecraftian aesthetic. It follows a man named D, a half-breed vampire who travels the world and searches for renegade vampires on various missions.