McDonald's Japan Goes Wild With 'Super Mario' Happy Meal Toys

When it comes to McDonald’s, kids are in for a meal more for the toys than the taste. The franchise has got a lock on Happy Meals, but Japan is showing up McDonald’s around the world. Not only does the foreign branch got live with anime toys throughout the year, but it’s got a lock on Super Mario as well.

Recently, McDonald’s Japan unveiled its new slate of Happy Meal toys. It turns out Super Mario Bros. is on the chain’s mind, and it has the toys to prove it.

As you can see above, TV promos for the Happy Meal line are going around Japan. They see families putting their toys to use, and even their grandfather gets in on the fun. However, it turns out the mother is the lucky one who winds up winning the family’s impromptu Super Mario Bros. battle.

According to Sora News, the series will be included in Happy Meals for a short time as limited-edition items. In total, there are ten toys for kids (and adults) to collect. The promotion will kick off on October 19 and run through mid-November.

For those curious about the items, each of them can be used as old-fashioned games. There is a Mario Goal Pole Game which asks fans to run the iconic plumber up a flag pole. The game says whoever can complete the task with the least amount of button taps if the winner.

There is also a jackpot game for fans through the Mario Roulette item. The game asks fans to hit an item jackpot, and there are plenty more games. Luigi’s Fireball Game and Peach’s Spin Game are also available to name a few.


Over in Japan, these Happy Meal Toys are just another addition to McDonald’s long line of merchandise. In the past, tons of anime titles from One Piece to Naruto and Doraemon have gotten figures. McDonald’s has even released full-on anime commercials promoting its menu, so Super Mario Bros. is right at home with this nerdy toy collection.

Would you hit up a McDonald's for one of these toys? Or should the chain fall back to some Dragon Ball treats? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!