'Super Dragon Ball Heroes' Episode 8 Reveals Synopsis, Release Window

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series has begun a brand new arc after the destruction of the Prison Planet, and it brings the multiverse into a huge new war as a mysterious group of baddies invades.

The Universal Conflict arc is officially slated to continue with Episode 8, which is now scheduled to release in later February 2019. You can read the full synopsis for the episode below thanks to @Cipher_db on Twitter.

Episode 8 is titled, "Invasion of the Ultimate, Worst Warriors! Universe 6 Demolished!" and the synopsis reads as such, "Trunks and company face an uphill battle against Oren and Kamin's fierce combination attacks. In the middle of the fight, the Core Area warrior Hearts appears and reveals his shocking plan."

The new arc began with Episode 7 of the promotional series, which is currently live now. It's titled, "Zamasu Revived?! The Curtain Rises on the Universal Conflict arc!" and as the title implies, features return of big Dragon Ball Super villain, Zamasu, along with other major Super multiverse favorites like Caulifla, Kale, Cabba, and Hit. But things weren't all great as Universe 6 faced against a strong new duo of villains.

With the title and synopsis of Episode 8 teasing not only the appearance of a much stronger foe as the fight continues (Hearts is most likely referring to the villain speaking with Zamasu shortly in the middle of the episode), but the "Universe 6 Demolished" certainly paints a terrifying picture of what's to come. Apparently even with Vegeta and Trunks appearing to help Universe 6 at the end of the episode, the trouble does not ease up for them.


Considering the fact that Goku just might have been written out of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes series for the moment, and the fact that Zamasu, one of the strongest villains in Super, is now joined by five other powerful villains, things are only going to get worse before they get better as the entire multiverse gets wrapped in a deadly plan.

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