Dragon Ball Super Teases Moro's Secret Game-Changing Wish

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 48 picks up with a pivotal point in the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc, as Goku and Vegeta finally get a leg-up on things, thanks to a save from Majin Buu. Buu and his Daikaioh fused persona demonstrate that they have the power to take Moro down, and set about doing just that.

Unfortunately for Buu and Saiyan partners, Moro's accomplice Cranberry sneaks into the Namekian village and kills the elder guarding the final Dragon Ball that Moro needs to obtain. That allows the villains to summon the Namekian Dragon God Porunga, and make the three wishes that are afforded to anyone who gathers the Namekian Dragon Balls. However, that process doesn't go quite as smoothly as Cranberry hopes.

Cranberry's first wish is simple: He was badly injured when the Galactic Patrol shot down his spaceship while trying to escape New Namek, so he wishes to be healed. After that, Cranberry gets a psychic message from Moro, as the evil sorcerer senses the Dragon Balls power activate. Moro convinces Cranberry to stick to their original arrangement, and wish for Moro's magic to be restored. Cranberry hesitates, but when Moro threatens to chase him all over the universe if he doesn't obey, the henchman does as told and wishes for Moro's magic to be restored to full power!

Moro's powerup allows the sorcerer to finally escape Majin Buu's justice and go speeding to the location where Porunga has appeared. Moro arrives just as his henchman is about to wish for escape from the situation, and kills cranberry with a gruesome punch right through the chest. That's when a big twist in this "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc presents itself.


Moro kills Cranberry in order to steal the final Namekian Dragon Ball wish for himself - but we, the audience, never get to hear what the villain wishes for, or see what the effect of that wish is (yet). All Moro will say about it is that Goku and Vegeta will "know soon enough" what he wished for - but whatever it is, Moro has "no more need to battle" the Saiyans or Buu, once that third wish is achieved. If that wasn't all ominous enough, there's the added detail that Moro's actual words to Porunga when making his wish were that he wasn't sure "you can grant this one." Porunga might have been able to ultimately fulfill the request, but whatever Moro wished for, it was big and game-changing enough to possibly be beyond the scope of Dragon God. That's definitely not good for Goku, Vegeta, and their Galactic Patrol partners.

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