Dragon Ball Super Confirms New Namekian Casualties

Dragon Ball Super isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty from time to time, and the series’ latest arc has proved that. While the anime has closed, Son Goku lives on in print thanks to the Galactic Patrol Prisoner storyline, and fans just learned some serious casualties have been added to its body count.

Poor, Namek... The planet just cannot catch a break.

Recently, Dragon Ball Super put up a new chapter, and it was there fans returned to New Namek. The planet is under attack from Moro, a strong new villain who has been imprisoned for millions of years. Determined to get the Namekian dragon balls, Moro is not afraid to shed blood to reach his goal, and the new chapter does that.

While Moro takes a massive beatdown from Majin Buu, his lackey takes that time to finish their goal of collecting the final dragon ball. To do this, the former Freeza soldier Cranberry skills a score of Namekians who were living in a remote village. By the time Goku and Vegeta notice, they are horrified, but Moro is nonplussed about the whole ordeal.

“You killed them all?! You won’t get away with this,” Goku says before Moro chimes in.

“He is the one who slaughtered the Namekians,” the villain reveals, pointing to the body of Cranberry who he killed himself. After all, Moro wanted two wishes from Porunga, and he had no qualms killing his ally to get what he wanted.

As the chapter ends, fans do learn that a young Namekian whom Moro hurt survive the attack thanks to Majin Buu, but the same could not be said for a few others. Not only did Cranberry die, but the village’s sacred elder was killed

“That one was still alive. I could heal him. I can’t heal this two. Sorry,” Majin Buu revealed.

For now, Moro has made his big escape from the Saiyans, but he has plans to take out more Namekians along the way. Before the chapter ends, Goku realizes Moro plans to suck the entire planet dry and kill everything left alive on New Namek, so the Saiyans are burdening plenty of burden these days as they must find a way to stop the rogue mage.


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