Fairy Tail's Natsu and Gruvia Reunite In New Hiro Mashima Sketch

While the latest season of Fairy Tail has reunited the wayward members of the organization, the creator of the franchise felt that one good turn deserved another and created a unique sketch that sees Natsu, Gray, and Juvia all unite together to celebrate the series. Gray and Juvia are the definition of an anime power couple and "Gruvia" seems to be the perfect name for this couple that are amazing mage representations for their guilds.

Hiro Mashima's sketch was shared by Reddit User AltriaScarlet18, showing off the creator's artistic skills in adding the third wheel of Natsu into the pairing of Gray and Juvia:

Natsu with Gruvia by Mashima Sensei from r/fairytail

Fairy Tail itself has ran for over 200 episodes, with the final arc of the series currently running in the anime, fans are left with bated breath to see what will happen to their favorite fantasy guild as they make their way through this magical environment. The Shonen series has managed to leave a "dragon shaped" mark on its audiences, with Natsu's hybrid form creating not just an ingenious character for audiences to relate with, but some spectacular battles that the anime is known for.

(Photo: A-1 Pictures)

What do you think of this sketch that brings together Natsu, Juvia, and Gray? Are there any other power couples in Fairy Tail, or anime in general, that you feel should be some top notch artwork? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime!


Fairy Tail was originally created by Hiro Mashima for Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine, running from 2006 to 2017 and selling over 60 million copies. The series is set in a fantasy world full of magic following Natsu Dragneel, a fire breathing wizard with the powers of a dragon who is in search of his missing foster father, the dragon Igneel. As he and his wizarding guild Fairy Tail get into adventures, Natsu always tries to find a way to succeed.

The series was later adapted into an anime by A-1 Pictures, Dentsu Inc., and Satelight in 2009 and ended its first run in 2013. A second season ran from 2014 to 2016, and the third season serves as the final one. If you're itching for more Fairy Tail right now, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest is an official manga sequel to the original series featuring original storyboards provided by Hiro Mashima and illustrated by Atsuo Ueda. The series picks up right where the original manga ends as Natsu, Lucy, and the others embark on the "100 Years Quest" that no mage has ever completed before.