Dragon Ball Z Auction Selling Classic Vegeta Family Sketch

Vegeta has developed a lot during the course of the Dragon Ball franchise. Originally appearing as planet smashing full of himself prince, the Saiyan has developed into a family man who still also remains a full of himself prince. Recently, an auction was created for an original piece of artwork from DB director Naotoshi Shida who depicted the Vegeta clan taking a fun, yet awkward, family photo. While two thirds of the family are from the far future with Bulma and Trunks represented by their future selves, Vegeta remains the same as usual.

Twitter User DatWerg shared the latest auction that creates a happy picture of Vegeta, Bulma, and Trunks as they attempt to do a family activity:

You may be wondering where specifically this artwork is from, well wonder no more! The Vegeta family picture appeared in the Japan exclusive Dragon Ball game titled Dragon Ball Z V.R.V.S. The game itself was actually an arcade exclusive machine that saw players picking their favorite Z Fighters and acting out their movements in a style that was somewhat similar to Nintendo's Punch-Out. Unlike Punch-Out however, this set up included no controller and the players simply used their bodies to move their characters.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

Vegeta's progression into a family man follows a long line of villains in the series that have turned to the side of good during their time. Majin Buu, Androids 17 and 18, Piccolo, and many more went from being full fledged villains to heroes and/or anti-heroes. Even Freeza has managed to stay on the up and up by joining Universe 7 in their fight during the Tournament of Power, though based on his actions, we don't see him becoming a "goody two shoes" or starting a family himself any time soon.

While at present, Vegeta is teaming up with Goku to fight the ancient sorcerer Moro on the planet of New Namek, it's clear that his Earth family has changed his character and the arrival of his new daughter may even continue the trend.


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