Viral Pokemon Fan-Poster Shares Peek at Ash's Future Wife and Kids

Pokemon is about a lot of things, but love isn't one of them for the most part. Ash Ketchum has been around for years now, but he has kept his love life locked down as he changes his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master. That doesn't mean others haven't fallen for the Pallet Town hero, and one viral fan-poster has sparked conversation after imagining Ash's life in the future.

Over on DeviantArt, the user NovaNoah made our day when they posted a piece of artwork. The poster could pass for the real thing if it were not for Pokemon historians ready to debunk the poster. However, that does not change the fact that this artwork imagines Ash as a father and husband to none other than Serena.

Oh yeah, you remember her? The adorable companion who kept Ash on his toes years ago? Well, this poster brings her back, and it envisions a future where she catches Ash's heart.

The adorable poster shows Ash to the righthand side, and he looks very different than we all remember. The tall man is dressed in a grey tank top and navy jacket with white highlights. The older hero has a boyish look to him which works, but fans are certainly missing his iconic hat.

To the lefthand side, you can find Serena leaning forward, and she looks adorable in a pink cardigan. The blue-eyed mom is holding a toddler on her back, and there is no denying how much the boy looks like her. However, the girl on Ash's back is a true daddy's girl despite her honey blond hair.


For years now, fans have been wondering whether Ash would ever enter into a relationship in Pokemon. The trainer is by no means a touchy feely person, but fans have wanted him to experience the joys of love. It seems more than unlikely that The Pokemon Company will ever give in to such requests but stranger things have happened. And if Ash were to get a girlfriend who wasn't a disguised Latias, well - there are going to be plenty of debates over whom the trainer should date.

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