My Hero Academia Art Imagines the Next Generation of Pro Heroes

My Hero Academia is in the midst of Izuku's story, but there are fans who are looking to the future. The end of the series; main run is not even in sight. Still, that hasn't stopped fans from imagining what the sequel to My Hero Academia could look like, and it borrows a bit of inspiration from Boruto. After all, the Naruto sequel brought a new generation of ninja to the screen, and one fan has imagined how 'My Hero Academia: Next Generations' might go.

And as you might have guessed, it looks pretty good. Fans know the next generation of Pro Heroes will be unstoppable thanks to the work Izuku and Class 1-A have put in. It will come down to Eri and her friends to keep the world safe, and this art imagines how the heroes-in-training will do.

As you can see below, the artwork was penned by the artist flores_gasper on Twitter. The black-and-white piece looks over three students who will surely become heroes in the future. Kota and Eri are two of the kids shown, but they are joined by a relative newcomer who many may not know yet.

In the back, My Hero Academia fans can see the clear outline of Izuku Midoriya an adult. He is posing in the same way All Might would, and there's little doubt he has become the World's Greatest Hero by this time. He has all of the advanced armor to prove it, and Deku carries the title with pride.


Of course, the foreground is dedicated to the kids. In the front right, fans will see Kota grown up with his favorite hat on. The boy has come to develop his Quirk since the Training Camp arc, and the same can be said for Eri. The traumatized girl will have a lot to work through in the coming years, but this poster shows what could come from Eri as she powers through her past. And in the back right, fans will see a boy named Kawamatsu who stars in the new film My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. He is wielding his power easily in this poster, and fans all over the anime community admit they'd love to see a sequel tell these kids' stories.

Do you think a 'Next Generations' sequel would work for this anime down the line? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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