My Hero Academia Star Pitches Perfect Bizarro All Might Story Arc

My Hero Academia's anime rarely dips into filler, but it can be fairly hit or miss when it does. One of the more notable examples came during the third season as the series took a quick detour for a special event in Japan. This special saw Izuku Midoriya and a few other Class 1-A students tasked with rescuing hostages for an exercise in which All Might played the role of the villain. This filler episode might not be the best out there, but All Might tapping into his villainous side resulted in some pretty fun moments!

But what would the series be like if All Might actually served as the villain for an arc and flipped the world of heroes upside down even more so than his retirement did? How exactly would that work? Speaking with's Megan Peters, Justin Briner (who provides the voice for Izuku Midoriya in Funimation's English dubbed release of the anime) had a fun pitch as to how All Might could be flipped into one of the series' biggest threats!

When asked about what kind of ideas he would like to see explored in a future film for the franchise, Briner pitched an idea for a "Bizarro" All Might story, "One of my ideas that I really would like to see explored as a film is, I would like there to be a villain that re-powers All Might, so he can come back in as the symbol of peace, but the villains power actually corrupts him and turns him evil. So the students have to rise up."


Christopher Sabat (who provides the voice for All Might in the English dub) actually joked that All Might "would go to All Wrong," and that focal point would certainly be a fun area to explore. All Might took his short villainous stint pretty seriously (resulting in a fun new look), so it would be pretty wild to see him go all out as a villain Izuku Midoriya and the rest of the hero world would have to stop.

All Might already has a dark parallel in All For One, but an evil or brainwashed All Might would bring out new dynamics for his relationship with Midoriya -- especially if Midoriya were the last one left fighting against him. But what do you think of this idea? Would All Might being a powerful villain be an interesting film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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