My Hero Academia Star Explains Why Heroes Rising Has the Anime's Best Fights to Date

My Hero Academia fans outside of Japan have been eagerly waiting to see the new Heroes Rising film themselves, and have been turning out in droves ever since Funimation brought the film to the United States and Canada. It's gone on to monumental box office success outside of Japan for its opening week, and it's because fans have been completely surprised by the level of care and attention to detail that the staff behind the film have put into the film's fights. Without pro heroes backing them up, the entirety of Class 1-A is involved and it results in some fantastic set pieces.

But while fans often expect a movie release to have more elaborate fight scenes and production effort behind it than the original anime series, why does Heroes Rising have such well-received fights in particular? Speaking with's Megan Peters, star of the film Clifford Chapin (the voice behind Katsuki Bakugo in the English dubbed release of the film) broke down the reasons as to why.

Chapin remarked how the fights in Heroes Rising are some of the best in the franchise overall, "I do think [these are] some of the best fights that the series has had to date. The fights in this movie are to the next level. We see all the characters from 1-A get to have a moment, which is really cool." Noting how the film's fights are "very gratifying" as a member of the audience, Chapin notes that the strength of these fights play into the core of the series.


Breaking it down even further, Chapin stated, "the choreography of a lot of the stuff that happens in this, in this movie are just, they're really, just playing into the trope, it's really beyond what we've come to see before. I think this movie is awesome." Chapin also stated that his work with Bakugo in the film lead to some of his favorite moments"...the ending of this movie is phenomenal. It's probably going to be one of my favorite moments that I've gotten to portray as [Bakugo], and probably will be for a long time."

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