Perfect Naruto Crossover Gives One Pokemon a Hidden Leaf Makeover

Naruto fans love a good summoning, and the anime gave them plenty of chances to check out the jutsu. Time and again, fighters like the Great Sannin used the technique in battle, and Team 7 inherited their skills. Of course, fans have made up their own summons as the years have passed, but one Pokemon lover decided to combine the anime with a truly perfect combination.

Over on Reddit, the user jaridwilliams1 shared their take on a new toad summon. Of course, fans will know the family as Jiraiya and Naruto signed a contract with the Summoning Toads after passing some rough tests. Guys like Gamabunta came to the pair's aide more often than not, but now it is time for Venasaur to try out their skills.

And yes, you read that right. Venasaur just got a Naruto-approved makeover that turns the evolution into a ninja.

Eff it venusaur as chief toad gamabunta from r/pokemon

As you can see above, the artwork shows Venasaur in a way fans aren't used to. The character has been tied to frogs ever since it went live in Generation One, but fans often overlooked how Venasaur hops like a frog too. When Pokemon: Let's Go went live, fans were very much reminded of that fact, and it led to this perfect mash up.


Venasaur is sitting on his back two leg like any ninja toad would, and he has a huge sword in his left hand. With a smoking pipe in his mouth, Venasaur looks roughened up thanks to his facial scar. Most of this look comes straight from Gamabunta, but this piece is colored in honor of Venasaur. The summons even has a tropical flower sprouting from his back, and it hides both of the swords on Venasaur's back. Clearly, this evolution has been through some stuff, and they've decided to leave the life of Gym Battling behind. If this Venasaur is going to fight anyone, it is going to be an Akatsuki member or perhaps even Orochimaru if he's lucky.

Which other Pokemon would fit into the Naruto Universe? Greninja cannot be the only one, you know! Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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