Pokemon Anime Drops Curious Sun and Moon Easter Egg

The latest season of Pokemon has given Team Rocket a serious power boost with some brand new technology, but who would think that the nefarious pocket monster kidnappers would tie the current season with that of the story which took place in the Alola Region, aka Pokemon Sun And Moon! The previous season of the Pokemon anime saw Ash Ketchum living in a tropical region that went by Alola and finally gave our eternally young trainer something he had been vying to achieve for some time: winning a Pokemon championship! This Easter Egg may be a bit bizarre but it shows the two seasons are linked more than we thought!

As mentioned earlier, Jesse, James, and Meowth have been given technology that allows them to call upon some of the most powerful Pokemon in Team Rocket's roster, making them a serious challenge for Ash moving forward as both himself and his new friend Go travel the world, capturing powerful new Pokemon. Jesse specifically is shown reading a newspaper from the Alola region which had appeared earlier in the Pokemon Sun And Moon anime season! While it doesn't necessarily make a ton of sense that Jesse would be reading a months old paper, it's still a pleasant nod to the island adventures of our favorite trainers!

Twitter User Jambo971 noticed the Easter Egg that had Jesse reading an older Alola Region newspaper in a recent episode of the current season of Pokemon, making for a nice connection between the current season and the season that gave Ash his first Pokemon Championship victory:


The Pokemon Sun And Moon season was also a big one for Team Rocket, with Jesse and James making it to the Alola League Tournament. Though they didn't win, it showed off their skills as trainers and gave us a nice nod of what they might be able to accomplish in the future. With their brand new technology at their whim, they have become a powerful opponent for Ash rather than a joke that is easily handled and it will be interesting to see which Pokemon they use in the future in order to assist in their organization's ultimate goal!

What do you think of this strange Easter Egg that links the current season of Pokemon with Sun And Moon? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Pokemon!

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