'Dragon Ball Super' Easter Egg Brings Back One Hilarious Fighter

Dragon Ball Super’s manga may be a bit behind the anime, but the series is not one fans want to miss. Toyotaro is known for sneaking easter eggs into the manga, and the illustrator did so with its latest chapter.

Recently, Viz Media published the 31st chapter of Dragon Ball Super. The translated update can be found for free on their site, and it is there you can spot one hilarious throwback to a Dragon Ball Z tournament.

Towards the middle of the chapter, fans find Goku looking for Android 17. The Saiyan is wanting to recruit the man for the Tournament of Power, but he runs into trouble along the way. While searching for the man, Goku runs into some poachers looking to capture Android 17’s brood. So, when the Saiyan confronts the gang, he winds up taking one a hilarious identity.

At first, Goku things the head poacher is Android 17, so he takes off the man’s mask. The familiar-looking headgear makes Goku curious, so he puts it on himself. However, fans should be able to recognize the pointy mask. After all, Goten and Trunks used one just like it way back when.

During the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, a man known as Mighty Mask entered the event. The stocky man was knocked out cold by Trunks before he ever got to fight, and the Saiyan took his iconic costume. Trunks and Goten hid within the outfit to fight in the tournament’s adult class. However, the pair fail to see their plan through when they are pitted against Android 18. The heroine quickly figures out the pair’s plan, and she cuts the outfit in half to expose them.


Looking at Dragon Ball Super’s new manga, it is possible the poacher wearing the mask is Mighty Mask. He may not have the fighter’s curly hair, but the poacher has the same patterned baldness as Mighty Man did. After getting knocked out by Trunks, the fighter may have turned to a life of crime, but he never expected Goten’s father to get in his way.

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