Attack On Titan Season 4 Ushers in the Survey Corps' First Battle

Attack On Titan season 4 has officially hit its stride, as the war between Marley and Paradis Island officially erupted in episode 65 of the anime. Eren Yeager infiltrated Marley in order to stage a game-changing ambush against the nation's military and political leaders, and that attempt is ultimately successful, as Eren (as the Attack Titan) storms Marley's milestone gathering of its leaders, to assassinate Marley's true leader, Willy Tybur. However, the mission isn't as smooth and easy as Eren planned - which is exactly why he tricked young Marley Warrior Falco into helping him call in the cavalry! Now the Survey Corps are making their long-awaited debut in Attack On Titan season 4!

Warning: Attack On Titan Final Season SPOILERS Follow!

As stated, Eren stages his Attack Titan ambush and wreaks bloody havoc on the rally where Marley's leaders are gathering. Eren slaughters indiscriminately, taking out men, women, children while devouring Willy Tybur in a single bite. However, Marley was prepared for the rally to be attacked - in fact, Willy Tybur and Marley military commander Theo Magath are counting on the fact that the attack will happen.

A flashback reveals that Tybur knew he would likely die, but knew he was a necessary sacrifice to bring Marley to true glory. By showing the "Devils of Paradis" to be assassins and terrorists, Magath would be able to rally the power of other nations behind Marley, ensuring both the destruction of Paradis, and the Marley's future as a world power. If they can take out Eren Yeager, all the better. To accomplish that end, Tybur and Magath stashed the War Hammer Titan close by to take on the Attack Titan.

The War Hammer's titan ability is exceptional hardening, which allows it to envision and manifest any weapon it imagines. Eren tries to to go all-out to beat it down, but it's useless. The War Hammer impales and smashes the Attack Titan - which is exactly why Eren is counting on his fellow Survey Corps soldiers to save his bacon. And that's exactly what they do.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Survey Corps vs Marley Battle Anime 65 Spoilers
(Photo: MAPPA)

Mikasa, arrives on the scene first, using the anti-Titan spike missiles to take out the War Hammer Titan's nape. The rest of the Survey Corps follow suit, appearing from the shadows with their ODM gear, to ambush Magath and his forces. Levi makes his big dramatic entrance last, appearing just in time to save Eren from being devoured by the Jaw Titan.


The Survey Corps only appear in action sequence moments, but the already the time-skip changes to the characters are pretty profound. Mikasa and Levi both look older and war-torn (and even more badass than ever); younger or naive characters like Conny and Sasha have become stone-cold killers and elite warriors. On the whole, the Survey Corps now look less like noble knights of humanity, and more like a black-clad special forces squad. It's already clear that the squad isn't quite in agreement about Eren's decision to start this war, so it will be interesting to see what that interpersonal drama is all about.

Attack On Titan Season 4 is now streaming new episodes every Sunday on Funimation and Hulu.